Small Business success

Building a business requires a wide range of skills. Hiring experienced people in all those skill sets is not only impractical but usually impossible for small and mid sized companies. Hiring Nick Vasilieff, an expert business development consultant, is the most economical exercise for most companies.

Seeking advice from an outside consultant and advisor not only reduces cost, but allows a company, and it’s top level management, to reach outside their company bubble to access current information and ideas about their ever changing market and industry.

Nick brings ideas that will produce immediate change. Costs are fixed and can be budgeted. One and Two Day Consultations are focused analysis and brain storming sessions that produce creative solutions to your complex problems, and are excellent opportunities for team building.

The resulting bound report becomes a common database, and the business development plan and budget provides a road map for future activity.

Ongoing consulting and advisory services, assisting management to insure plans are implemented and updated on a regular basis.

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