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In my almost forty years as a marketing professional and consultant, the one question that

I’ve probably received the most is, “when is the right time to start marketing?”  The

answer is always – Right Now!

Whether it is when business is booming or when business is in the tank, like now,

the very best time to start your marketing campaign is today, this very minute. The reason

is that for all companies, but especially small businesses, it takes months, sometimes

years to develop a broad awareness of their company and product(s) in their market. Even

large companies with budgets of millions cannot establish awareness within their market

over night.

It is understandable if we realized that the human animal requires from seven to

ten visual contacts before a cognitive recognition occurs. That means that you have to put

your company name in front of a potential customer at least seven times before they

recognize the name and remember it. That is part of the reason we use multifaceted

marketing as a tool to effectively get our message out to our market. We want to have our

message reach our market in several different ways over a long period of time, so that we

have the best chance of getting in front of our potential customer as often as possible; at

least seven times.

So, I’ve given you one good reason to start marketing right now, because it takes

time to reach your potential customer at least seven times, and the sooner you start the

sooner you will reach that goal. But there are other very good reasons to start now.

A great analogy comes to mind: The Tortoise and the Hare. Remember the story

about the hare that ran so fast he never worried about winning a race. As a result he took

many breaks along the way. His competitor, the tortoise, on the other hand, moved very

slowly but never stopped. In the end, the hare found himself so far behind that no matter

how fast he ran he couldn’t catch up.

Now ask yourself; do you want to be the tortoise or the hare? If winning is your

objective, the question is rhetorical. The tortoise wins the race. In our case, the race is run

with marketing. Especially during a recession, like now, companies cut back and reduce

or stop their marketing efforts. For those few companies who stay the course and

maintain their marketing effort, the rewards are substantial.

Winning the race means you stay in the minds of your potential customer base.

You are the company or product they think of when they get busy again. When the

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