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In addition to Analysis and Planning services, Vasilieff Consulting Group in association with Third Party International, Inc. provides a range of lead generation services focused on expanding markets and increasing sales. For many companies lead generation consist of hits to their website and sales, but this limited activity misses a majority of what produces real results. It also wastes time and money.

An effective multi-faceted lead generation campaign can increase lead counts, pre-qualify leads, reduce time required to close the sale, and increase total sales.

The professionals at VCG and TPI bring extensive experience in Business, Marketing, and Market Development, as well as technical backgrounds that allow them to quickly understand your product and service, and provide clear, concise, accurate communication to your potential customer.

Whether your campaign consists of Direct Phone Contact, Emailing, Follow-up sales, or other lead generation activities, we can provide you  the people and services you need to expand your market, and increase lead count and sales.y

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