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As with all Business Development, the key to good marketing is a consistent message delivered in a highly professional way, allowing every marketing piece to move your company towards it’s goal. Most marketing materials do not achieve that goal.

Over the past 30+ years VCG has studied, prepared and published hundreds of articles, newsletters, press releases and marketing pieces used to promote companies and products.Our PR and writing services provide you with professionally written marketing pieces (ads, articles, PR, web content, flyers, company and executive profiles, etc.) that adhere to proven methodologies and ensure your marketing is done in a consistent, clear, concise, and professional way. Additionally, each piece is written to take full advantage of the free press available to all companies but that few take advantage of. Contact us for a review of your Business Writing and PR activity and a free quotation. [/box]

Magazines Need Your Articles – As an international marketing consultant I’ve found a common error companies make is to not prepare and publish user success stories about their customers. Magazines need editorial content and most will publish pre-written material as long as it is well written and deals with a subject that is of interest to their readers. Whether your market is high-tech software or services, construction, or any other product or service, an article about how your product or service made someone else more profitable or their life easier is one of the best ways to garner publicity for your company. An article telling a successful user story is 100 times more believable than an ad and much less expensive. Click Here to View Articles written by Nick Vasilieff for clients. Each of these was part of a long-term marketing plan to expand markets or introduce products to new markets.
The World Wants to Know about You – Have you ever wondered why some companies get all the attention and others are never seen? One answer is press releases. Magazines, both online and hard copy, search for news in their industry, yet many companies do not take advantage of this free marketing opportunity. As a consultant, I recommend at least one PR every 3 months, whether you need it or not. The fact is almost all companies have news about new products, improvements, company relocation or promotions, etc. and that’s news to your market. Not all press releases are published, mainly because they are poorly written or do not contain appropriate news. As a professional marketing consultant and writer, I will create PR that will put you in the news and help keep your company in front of your customers. Click Here to View Press Releases prepared by Nick Vasilieff.
Preparing and publishing a Company Profile is one way to ensure clients and the press know about you and always have access to critical company statistics. As part of a complete marketing campaign we ensure you have the information prepared and published for PR, articles, handouts, website, and other marketing activities. The Company Profile and Executive Profiles ensure a consistent message and timely publication.
Manuals are an integral part of business. Whether they be Process and Procedures Manuals, User Manuals, or other Support Manuals, Vasilieff Consulting can provide the professional writing and design skills necessary to complete them in a timely and professional manner.

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