Small Business success

Business Development – Marketing – Sales Consulting:

As a Business Development Consultant I work with small and medium sized companies to reach their business objectives in the most cost effective manner. My One and Two-Day Consultation help companies identify:

  • Where they are now
  • Where they want to go in the future (1,2,5 years)
  • How they will get there

Assuming a company already knows this and has a plan in place, I help them define and implement those activities that produce the best results for their marketing dollars (ROI). This can be done on a one-time basis, or through a series of consultations designed to move a company from where they are today to a specified future goal.

My Professional Marketing Consulting Services Include:

  • One Day Consultation
  • Two Day On-Site Consultation (See Analysis and Strategic Planning)
  • Phone Consultation – An opportunity to review plans and activities on a one-time or regular basis, allowing all participants to focus their attention on specific activities and insure no essential activities are being ignored. It also provides the opportunity for ongoing discussion and analysis of results, and opportunity for fine tuning and change.
  • Marketing Consultations – Analysis and Advice specific to marketing activities.
  • Sales Analysis – Analysis and Advice specific to sales activities
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Contract Business Development Management
  • Contract Marketing and/or Sales Management
  • Strategic Analysis and Planning
  • Confidential Adviser and Coach
  • Business Writing Services
  • E-Marketing Services For a free quotation: Email Me

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