Hiring A Business Development Consultant – Mistake or Opportunity?

Vasilieff Consulting published an article relating to the difficult process of hiring a Business Development / Marketing consultant. This article highlights the functions a consultant should perform, and what to look for in qualifications of a good consultant or consulting firm. It is designed to help small and mid-sized companies better qualify their potential service providers in this area of expertise.

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Marketing Now – To Lead the Recovery

Marketing Now – To Lead the Recovery, by Nickolai Vasilieff, copyright © 2010. All rights reserved. No reproduction or publication is authorized without written permission by the author.

Published on the Vasilieff Consulting website is a featured article focusing on marketing techniques small and mid-sized companies can use in todays slow economy to lead the recovery.


In my almost forty years as a marketing professional and consultant, the one question that I’ve probably received the most is, “when is the right time to start marketing?”  The answer is always – Right Now!

Whether it is when business is booming or when business is in the tank, like now, the very best time to start is…

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Vasilieff Consulting has just published it’s new website

Vasilieff Consulting just published their new website and will be offering Critical Analysis, Strategic Planning and Implementation Consultations to a select group of small and mid-sized companies in North America, Europe and Asia. Companies interested in a free one hour consultation or more information should visit the Vasilieff Consulting website at www.vasilieff.com

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