Small Business success

Nickolai Vasilieff is an international businessman and consultant with over 40 years experience as an entrepreneur, business manager, executive consultant, and coach. Working with a limited number of clients and specializing in small to mid-sized companies, Nick provides services that analyze current activities and markets, define exactly where a company is going, and organizes domestic and international market development activities, including traditional and online marketing, sales, and management, to most efficiently reach those goals.

Educated in electronic engineering, business management and psychology, Nick established his first company in 1971. Since that time he has founded 12 companies, and consulted with hundreds of businesses on scores of product introductions in North America, Europe, and Asia.

In that time he has developed strategies and implemented plans for new market development, market expansion, product introductions, distributor/reseller channel development, and sales; has managed marketing and sales campaigns on 3 continents, and conducted in-depth market and company analysis and developed market development plans for a wide range of companies across varied industries. Many of these plans have been used to raise funding for start-ups, and all have been used successfully in product introductions, market expansions, and business development.

This experience is translated into practical hands-on knowledge that:

    – Shortens the learning curve– Lowers costs 

    – Shortens time -to-market for your products and company

    – Increases ROI

    – Creates Greater Awareness

    – Increases Demand

    – Increases Sales.

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